Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Welcome to BIG Wednesday - Weigh in Day

I was up at 5 am, weighed myself, small loss, smiles.  Could do a lot better, especially considering the effort I've been putting in lately.  Though, due to an ongoing training course, yesterday was a bit of a lighter exercise day.  The best exercise I could squeeze in yesterday was a half hour power walk at lunch.  It's all I had time for, and I made sure I got something in.  I really felt ready to drop when I finally hit the hay at 10.30pm, so I definitely needed the sleep.

Lesson - Have I been paying as strict attention to my diet as I should ?  The scales tell the story - clearly I have not.  Learn from this Gav.  You'll need to do much better than this to reach your goal in the remaining 10 weeks.

Anyway, self-pity is a state of mind as they say. . . After "Big Wednesday Weigh-in" I was off to the gym to blast an RPM class.  I was stoked to be first in the gym at 5.30 and had a good long warm up on the boxing gear before jumping on my bike.  I decided to really up the loads this morning and made a special effort to blast my heart rate time and time again to max the burn.  And did it burn.  It hurt, it burned, my breathing ached and my heart rate was soaring. But you know what, within moments of hitting the rests and easing that load, I was back down to only 135 - 140 BPM.

At the end of the RPM class I stretched carefully and then jumped straight onto the treadmill.  I was a bit sore so I only churned through 500 cals before finishing the session.  To my annoyance, I found three times during the treadmill that my Polar heart rate monitor had lost signal.  The treadmill hadn't but the watch had.  I'm sure my arms aren't quite _THAT_ long.  It's only six months old, but maybe the transmitter battery needs replacement.  Might explain why the calories burned seems a lot lower than what the gym equipment reads.  Total energy burned was only just 800 cals.  Workout done.  Time to focus on what is going into my mouth more closely.  It _must_ be portion sizes.

Oh, and welcome to the first follower of Aeolian - Jane, nice to have you on board !      

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