Monday, 28 February 2011

Welcome to Week Two

Well Mish laid down a bit of a challenge in her video last night.  In Round three 2010, the blokes were supposed to burn at least 500 cals, ideally 800 in a workout.  Last night she lifted the bar again to 800 minimum, but ideally 1000 cals or possibly more.

This morning I rose to the challenge.  I still have a little bit of DOMS from my Super Saturday Session, which was not going to stop me.  I did an RPM class, and luckily got there about ten minutes early so had time to roll the legs over gently until the endorphins kicked in and it didn't hurt at all.  Sweet.  So I charged the RPM class and went hard.  Luckily for me there were lots of hill tracks (my favourite) so I kept my heart rate elevated.

Immediately after stretching, I hit the treadmill and had a long gentle run.  I was planning to do around 500 cals as I figured I'd burned plenty in RPM.  But 500 cals came and went too soon so I kept going.  So another 1000 cals down on the treadmill and it was just after 7:30am.  How good is that - What a way to start your day ! 

Total workout according to my Polar HR monitor - 1,389cals.  Polar cals are so much harder to burn than treadmill cals. . .

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