Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Woah, Major derailment !

Well, I'm back.  I never thought that this would happen to me but I've come off the rails BIGTIME in the last ten days or so! 

I stuck with the diet (mostly) but due to a series of ridiculous days at work.  I've been based back in Wollongong these last couple of weeks, and haven't been able to see Leander for way too long.  I have been living in hotels again, and I have been unable to exercise properly.  Crappy treadmill in the hotel gym, been raining outside, can't afford to go to Fitness First or Savvy Fitness.  Boo hoo, poor me. 

Notice the wimpy (mostly) admission about the diet?  That means that I am eating the right foods, but not strictly weighing/measuring portions like I said I was going to.  I've been eating too many snacks - good snacks (ie fruit) but way too much of it.  I never realised that I had an emotional eating side to my personality.  I'm a guy - I don't get the "emotional eating" thing that girls get.  I guess that I understand that now.  I dont eat crap or chocolate or other rubbish.  I eat healthy foods, but waaaaay too much.  I ate three humungus nashi pears in a row yesterday.  I love the damn things but I know I should only eat 1 at the most.   
Hmmm.   I made a promise to myself, Leander, my family & Mish that I would train my arse off and this time I was going to measure my portions exactly.  Guess what?  I have to admit I have _ALLOWED_ things to fail.  I honestly could have done better.  If I _REALLY_ wanted to I could have got up earlier (ie 4 am) to train, or delayed dinner until later in the evening to enable me to get a session in. So I guess that, in reality, I'm full of it.  I am full of good intentions and I didn't have the fortitude to see it through and be a man of my word.  I didn't have the absolute _HUNGER_ to train that I normally have.  I normally am so motivated that everything else can go to hay, I'm going to get my training session in.  

SO there it is.  I am human.  I have always wanted to be the person that people can rely on.  The person that my lady, my family & my friends can absolutely count on to get the job done.  If I can't get the job done for myself, how can I become the man that I want to be so very much?  

Mish's JFDI slogan helped a lot to make me get back on the horse.  I heard a slogan today that motivated me even more than that - You are not dead so you can't quit !  

Sigh.  Well, the self-pity is over.  I'm back into it big time.  I'm sweating like a horse and I feel absolutely great.  I just had a huge long run, kind of like a SSS session, and burned 989 Polars !  Woot !  The manager of the hotel where I am staying is a mad keen runner, and I have arranged to go for a run with him tomorrow after work - I am feeling better already.

Talk about feeling better - I discovered to my great surprise that I have three new followers !  Wow - that's really nice.  Warm welcome to Rosa75, Miss Holly and LanB. 

Kind regards,


Friday, 4 March 2011

Thank Heavens it's Friday (or Oh Shivers - SSS tomorrow !)

Hi Gang,
I had another interesting day at work, and the opportunity to try something new at the gym - Body Balance.  I've never done yoga or anything remotely like it before, so got in 30 minutes early for a thorough warm-up.  I hit my friendly treadmill for 20 minutes (250 cals) and once I had a nice glowing sweat on I did an ancient dynamic stretching routine that I try to use before anything demanding. 

Well, talk about blissful.  I had a really nice instructor;
Gav - "I've never done Balance before". 
Instructor - "Kewl !  You are in for a real treat.  I want you right down the front here where I can keep a really close eye on you." 

I found my body really likes Balance.  My fitness has improved to a level where I was comfortable enough to perform everything required, doing all of the advanced stretches to boot.  Stretching is so much easier without a big wobbling belly in the way.  There were two that I'll need to work on, and they were when I was standing on the ankle I broke many years ago.  There is a noticable difference between my legs in this posture, so I have something to really strive towards. I was very interested to find myself sweating like a horse through most of the class.  I wasn't moving at my limit aerobically, say like with RPM, but gee I had quite a glow on. 

The end of the class was a real surprise - we had probably 10 minutes to cool down.  The surprising bit was the technique used was basically a light form of hypnotism.  How cool was that.  I was relieved that we weren't asked to pretend to be chooks or something. 

At the end of the class I headed over to a different treadmill, and ripped through another 250 cals.  So while I know that I didn't get the target of 1000 cals in this session, I reckon I burned at least 500 "Polar" calories.  Again, the gym closes at only 8pm on Friday nights, so it was the best I could do in the time.

Watch out, tomorrow is Saturday !

Kind regards,


Thursday, ah Thursday.

Feeling pretty cruisy today.  I slept in, because I was simply exhausted when my alarm went off at 5am.  You need to get to bed earlier boyo.  Luckily I could sleep until 8am as work is only 15 minutes away.  Work was pretty laid back and straight forward today.  All day I could feel that tiny bit of soreness in every movement I made.  You know the feeling; it's the one that doesn't hurt, it just says, "you've been training".  Yep, all was pretty good in my world. 

I didn't have a couple of hours tonight to train, so again, I just did what I could.  I warmed up for five minutes with a brisk walk on the treadmill and then began a nice, slow, easy jog at 9.5, 4 degree incline.  I ran for thirty minutes, had a five minute walk then ran until 1000 cals showed on the treadmill.  I walked to cool down and stopped at 1100 cals burned.  I stopped my trusty polar heart rate monitor and stretched for about 20 minutes.

It was interesting to directly compare the readings between the treadmill and the HR monitor.  Treadmill said 1100 cals, Polar says 785 cals.  Hmmm.  I wonder who Mish will reckon is correct !  No doubt she'll tell me go with the Polar  . . .   

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Welcome to BIG Wednesday - Weigh in Day

I was up at 5 am, weighed myself, small loss, smiles.  Could do a lot better, especially considering the effort I've been putting in lately.  Though, due to an ongoing training course, yesterday was a bit of a lighter exercise day.  The best exercise I could squeeze in yesterday was a half hour power walk at lunch.  It's all I had time for, and I made sure I got something in.  I really felt ready to drop when I finally hit the hay at 10.30pm, so I definitely needed the sleep.

Lesson - Have I been paying as strict attention to my diet as I should ?  The scales tell the story - clearly I have not.  Learn from this Gav.  You'll need to do much better than this to reach your goal in the remaining 10 weeks.

Anyway, self-pity is a state of mind as they say. . . After "Big Wednesday Weigh-in" I was off to the gym to blast an RPM class.  I was stoked to be first in the gym at 5.30 and had a good long warm up on the boxing gear before jumping on my bike.  I decided to really up the loads this morning and made a special effort to blast my heart rate time and time again to max the burn.  And did it burn.  It hurt, it burned, my breathing ached and my heart rate was soaring. But you know what, within moments of hitting the rests and easing that load, I was back down to only 135 - 140 BPM.

At the end of the RPM class I stretched carefully and then jumped straight onto the treadmill.  I was a bit sore so I only churned through 500 cals before finishing the session.  To my annoyance, I found three times during the treadmill that my Polar heart rate monitor had lost signal.  The treadmill hadn't but the watch had.  I'm sure my arms aren't quite _THAT_ long.  It's only six months old, but maybe the transmitter battery needs replacement.  Might explain why the calories burned seems a lot lower than what the gym equipment reads.  Total energy burned was only just 800 cals.  Workout done.  Time to focus on what is going into my mouth more closely.  It _must_ be portion sizes.

Oh, and welcome to the first follower of Aeolian - Jane, nice to have you on board !