Friday, 4 March 2011

Thank Heavens it's Friday (or Oh Shivers - SSS tomorrow !)

Hi Gang,
I had another interesting day at work, and the opportunity to try something new at the gym - Body Balance.  I've never done yoga or anything remotely like it before, so got in 30 minutes early for a thorough warm-up.  I hit my friendly treadmill for 20 minutes (250 cals) and once I had a nice glowing sweat on I did an ancient dynamic stretching routine that I try to use before anything demanding. 

Well, talk about blissful.  I had a really nice instructor;
Gav - "I've never done Balance before". 
Instructor - "Kewl !  You are in for a real treat.  I want you right down the front here where I can keep a really close eye on you." 

I found my body really likes Balance.  My fitness has improved to a level where I was comfortable enough to perform everything required, doing all of the advanced stretches to boot.  Stretching is so much easier without a big wobbling belly in the way.  There were two that I'll need to work on, and they were when I was standing on the ankle I broke many years ago.  There is a noticable difference between my legs in this posture, so I have something to really strive towards. I was very interested to find myself sweating like a horse through most of the class.  I wasn't moving at my limit aerobically, say like with RPM, but gee I had quite a glow on. 

The end of the class was a real surprise - we had probably 10 minutes to cool down.  The surprising bit was the technique used was basically a light form of hypnotism.  How cool was that.  I was relieved that we weren't asked to pretend to be chooks or something. 

At the end of the class I headed over to a different treadmill, and ripped through another 250 cals.  So while I know that I didn't get the target of 1000 cals in this session, I reckon I burned at least 500 "Polar" calories.  Again, the gym closes at only 8pm on Friday nights, so it was the best I could do in the time.

Watch out, tomorrow is Saturday !

Kind regards,



  1. Hi Gavin! The gym has become my second home as well. I haven't been able to measure calories lately though because my HRM battery died the morning of my workout with Mish last year and I only sent it off just now to be fixed!
    Body Balance is one of my favourite classes but the hardest for me to get to... so I don't do it every week. Loving RPM at the moment too! Hope you have a ripper week on the scales!


  2. Hi ladies,
    Thanks so very much for your support - I've just had a rather miserable 11 days and fallen off the 12wbt wagon. I've pulled myself up by my bootstraps and I'm back onto it, better than ever, and what a surprise to find I have new followers ! Welcome, and I hope that you enjoy my story.


  3. BTW, Lee-Ann, if you are in Bathurst, I just found my old Polar HRM, and it still works - it's only a very basic model that measures HR & calories. If you are a local, you are welcome to borrow it until yours comes back from repair.